Sales Performance

Due to the factory's emphasis on management and technical investment, the technical gold content of the products is increasing, the quality is also significantly improved, and the after-sales maintenance rate is almost zero, thus gradually forming a fixed customer market. In the cellulose industry, Chongqing Qiaofeng Chemical Plant has 8 2000T production lines, Jiangmen Quantum High Tech Co., Ltd. has 3 5000T production lines, Chongqing Leehom Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. has 1 2000T and 10000T production lines, Shanghai Changguang Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. has 2 5000T production lines, and Jiangyin Hengda, Suzhou Weiyi, Hebei Maoyuan, Qilu Petrochemical, Shandong Ruitai Chemical and other high-grade CMC production lines are all supporting equipment.

In 2.2008, it will be exported to Kazakhstan with an annual output of 4000T and 2000T CMC complete sets of equipment

3. All kneaders and dryers from Shanghai Shenguang, Shaanxi Hui 'an, Sichuan Luzhou Chemical, Shandong Lianji Chemical, Shijiazhuang Yingte Chemical, Chongqing Warren, Chongqing Taiwei, Shandong Yutai and other manufacturers.

4. In chemical additives and pharmaceutical industries, our company has successively manufactured multi-specification and high-demand kneading machines and drying machines for dozens of companies such as Jiangmen Hercules Chemical Co., Ltd., Shanghai Changguang Enterprise Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jinhai Yabao Co., Ltd., Xi 'an Hui' an Fine Chemical Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Guobang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Jingxin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Chengdu Sibao Technology Co., Ltd., Yingkou Fengguang Chemical Co., Ltd.

5. Nantong Carbon Factory has used the 4000L kneading machine produced by our company for 14 years, and the equipment has been running normally so far. In 2005, another 4 3000L and 2 4000L kneading machines were ordered, and in 2007, 2008 and 2009, three 4000L kneading machines were ordered in succession.

6. The large vacuum rake dryer designed and manufactured by our company adopts the new technology of external half pipe and internal rake tooth cooling, which fills the technical gap of domestic rake tooth cooling. .........